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The Gift That Keeps Giving: Gift Subscriptions

Delivered to Their Door

    • Single Origin Assortment

      Curated, rotating assortment of light roast coffee from our favorite producers around the world
      Bag of Blue Bottle Coffee

      Our team sources single origins from innovative producers, then gently roasts each coffee to showcase distinct fruit notes. Offering rotates every two weeks.

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      Fruit Notes, Brown Sugar, Caramel
    • Blend Assortment

      Let us take you on a tour of our best-selling blends and make every morning an adventure
      blue bottle coffee

      We roast a harmonious blend of two or three coffees to tease out a collective natural sweetness. We rotate weekly among our five popular blends.

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      Chocolate, Raspberry, Graham Cracker
    • Hayes Valley Espresso

      For those who love the Blue Bottle classics
      Bag of espresso, cup of beans and coffee card.

      This espresso is the standard espresso blend in all of our cafes. Lower-toned and minimally bright, it pulls a straight shot with a voluptuous tawny crema.

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      Cocoa, orange zest, smoky finish
    box of coffee

    How It Works

    The Gift That Keeps Giving: Coffee Gift Subscriptions

    bags of coffee
    Select an assortment they'll love

    Choose from any of our best-selling coffee subscriptions that we source from producers across the globe.

    We freshly roast it for unparalleled taste

    Our coffee is roasted daily to order in small batches (70 kilograms max) and shipped to you directly from our roastery.

    They get a delicious surprise

    Sit back knowing they will experience the world's most beautiful coffees

    Blue Bottle's coffee subscription won us over with its balance of variety, customizability, and, most importantly, taste. Beyond its coffee, Blue Bottle's subscription is simple and easy to use.


    Coffee treated with care

    Elevated coffee meets 
the comfort of home


    Quality roasting

    All our coffee is tested by our quality assurance experts


    Freshly delivered

    Our coffee is roasted within three days prior to shipment


    Ethically grown

    Our direct relationships with farmers ensure our coffee is as good as it tastes


    Highly curated

    We only work with coffees that register 84 or above, on a 100-point specialty scale