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our coffee

Our Coffee

    "For those of us raised with the idea that coffee is a dark powder that comes in a can, it’s easy to forget that coffee actually comes from a fruit that grows on trees.

    James Freeman
    Founder, Blue Bottle Coffee

    We are a specialty coffee company that takes your good taste seriously. Whether you lean toward bold coffee blends or bright, more lightly roasted single origins, we want to help you find your favorites, whatever your coffee mood. If you don’t know what kind of coffee you like, we’re here to help.

    Our Coffee Constants

    All our coffees exceed specialty-grade standards.

    Specialty coffee must register 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale. We only purchase specialty coffees that register 84 or above.

    The majority of our coffee is certified organic. Where we need to make exceptions—such as a single origin from a region where organic certification is not yet feasible—we turn to suppliers with a legacy of environmental stewardship.

    Our coffee is highly traceable, often sourced from a select group of producers we have worked with on average 5 years or more.

    We pay a premium for coffee of quality. Our prices are at least equivalent to Fair Trade prices and in most cases much higher.

    Every member of our coffee sourcing team is a certified Q grader, the highest certification a professional coffee taster can have; each is trained to evaluate specialty coffee at the source as well as at our labs.

    To ensure quality and freshness, we roast to order in small batches (70 kilos max) and ship to you direct from our roastery.

    Our roasting and shipping processes are optimized to ensure all our coffees are delivered as fresh as possible, whether to our subscribers or to our cafes.

    Whether blend or single origin, we treat all our coffees with equal care. For every coffee, we create a custom roast designed for the best expression of that flavor profile, with exact flavors to aim for and a scoring system to ensure we hit the mark every time.

    We roast to order at our own roasteries around the globe, and cup to ensure quality after every roast.