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Come see coffee as we do.

    blue bottle studio

    Blue Bottle Studio

    The Coffee Experience of a Lifetime–through Nov 5.
    We believe in pushing conventional thinking about what coffee can be. Our curation of Exceedingly Rare coffees expands across multiple courses, brew methods, and flavor profiles.

    Coffee as an Experience

    We see coffee as a ritual, something to ground you and bring you presence.

    Our cafes are designed to be spaces that pair with your coffee. Just like any food or scent, the aesthetics around you should heighten your experience. Whether you’re gathering with friends or searching for solitude, stepping into a Blue Bottle cafe turns each coffee into a meaningful moment.

    We design artful and engaging spaces to be paired with your favorite coffee.

    Don’t Live Near Our Cafes?

    Shop our whole bean collection or subscribe to have delicious coffee shipped to you directly from our roastery.

    Chemex, mug of coffee, grapefruit and an open subscription box of coffee.