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Blue Bottle Studio

Blue Bottle Studio

An Unparalleled Coffee Experience Built from Decades of Experience

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"The Studio is our answer to this question: How hard can we work to reveal the essential nature of an extraordinary coffee and present it to a handful of guests in a modest room?

James Freeman
Blue Bottle Founder
exceedingly rare coffee experience

Extraordinary Coffees, Exemplary Techniques

We believe in pushing conventional thinking about what coffee can be. At Blue Bottle Studio, we showcase coffee’s limitless possibilities. Our curation of Exceedingly Rare coffees expands across multiple courses, brew methods, and flavor profiles.

The Studio Experience


Our Most Exclusive Coffees

We see producers, roasters, and baristas as artists and these Exceedingly Rare coffees as their masterpieces. They are considered the best in the world, so we’ve created a tasting experience as excellent as they are.


Culinary Pairings

To accompany our coffees, we offer two dessert pairings created by world-class pastry chef Kiyoshi Tsukamoto. These culinary creations work in harmony with the coffee to add a layer of dimension to the experience.

coffee mug

Grounded in Omotenashi

Originally rooted in the Japanese tea ceremony, omotenashi meansto wholeheartedly look after guests.” This spirit guides every aspect of the Studio as we endeavor to create unforgettable moments through coffee.

coffee bags

Bring the Experience Home

We sourced items from artisans across Japan to help us bring the Blue Bottle Studio to life. From professional brew tools to the perfect vessels for coffee, you can bring the Studio experience home with you.