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1 Rockefeller Plaza
Concourse Level, Suite D
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Blue Bottle at Home

We source great coffees, roast them to perfection, and get them to you fresh.

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We opened our shop in Rockefeller Center in Midtown Manhattan in March of 2012. Rockefeller Center is the largest private construction project of the 20th century, comprising 20 buildings and encompassing eight million square feet of office space. 

We occupy a cringingly modest .0000875 percent of the total complex. Nestled around the corner from the ice skating rink, on the concourse level, at the bottom of the steps leading down from 1 Rockefeller plaza (entrance just off 48th Street), our coffee bar is a sleek and efficient respite from the clamor and bustle of midtown Manhattan. We serve blends and seasonally changing single origin espressi on two La Marzocco Strada MP espresso machines; blends and seasonally changing single origin coffees on two pour-over stations; two types of iced coffees; and treats – granola, yogurt parfaits, and pastries – all made in our kitchen in Brooklyn, in addition to delicious liege waffles. 

Our Rockefeller Center café can be a little tricky to find:

Directions from BDFM subways:
Exiting from the subway, follow signs that read “24-hour booth and 49th street.” After heading through the turnstile, stay right through the revolving doors. At Hallmark, take the right tunnel. At the end of the hall, stay to the right, where you will see the ice-skating rink and a large seating area, with chairs and tables. We are located to the upper left corner of the seating area. Look for the blue bottle!

Directions from 49th Street:
If you are coming from above 49th street, make a right on 49th. Enter Rockefeller Plaza from the revolving doors labeled 14th West 49th Street, located in between Free People and Morell’s. Take a right down the stairs and you will see us as you descend!

Directions from 48th street:
If you are visiting us from below 48th street, walk up 5th Avenue. Take a left at 48th Street, and enter the revolving doors to the left of Dean & DeLuca, titled 15 West 48th Street. Walk past the information desk and take the stairwell to the left leading to the concourse level. You will see us as you descend!


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Blue Bottle at Home

We source great coffees, roast them to perfection, and get them to you fresh.

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