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Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee Single Serve Sachet and Multiserve Jar

Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee Is Here

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    Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee

    Ethiopian Single Origin

    These coffees live in a class of their own with a breathtaking flavor profile made up of jammy fruit notes, floral aromas, and a bright sweetness. Nothing but the best coffee in the world for our Samra Origins Instant Coffee.

    Our Custom Process

    We extract this world-renowned profile and slowly freeze-dry it into beautiful crystals. Developing each batch is as meticulous (and meditative) as every coffee we’ve ever brought you.

    Versatility at Its Finest

    This instant coffee is magical whether you enjoy it hot or cold. Add ice on a sunny day and drink straight when you need some warmth. Even more incredible: all the recipes you can make using this Craft Instant Coffee.

    Samra Origins Craft Instant Coffee
    Samra Origins Craft instant coffee with samra XO logo dad cap

    Merch to Match That Samra Feeling

    Find your Samra statement piece with our limited-edition apparel, designed in collaboration with Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye. Let that Samra feeling radiate, with Craft Instant Coffee in hand and the Samra logo emblazoned your hoodie, tee, or hat.

    Samra Origins Craft Instant Dust

    Exceptional Quality

    We Do It Differently

    Craft Instant Coffee starts like our other whole bean single origins: with carefully sourced coffee and meticulous roasting. Next, our custom process begins. We extract the bright, fruity profile and crystallize the coffee through an extended freeze-drying process. The result? An aromatic instant coffee with hyper-distilled flavor that shines like gold.

    Abel holding coffee

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