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Abel holding a cup of exceedingly rare coffee

Samra Origins: An Ode to Ethiopia


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    Ethiopia Cup of Excellence #7

    Wolde Faye Koricha

    We’re launching Samra Origins on a high note with the most premium offering: a limited-edition Exceedingly Rare coffee from producer Wolde Faye Koricha. A partnership this special deserves a coffee equally as remarkable.

    Cup of Excellence #7

    There are Cup of Excellence competitions held worldwide, but Ethiopia’s is the most prestigious because of the caliber of coffees from this country. This coffee ranked #7 and was by far our favorite from all of Ethiopia’s most exclusive lots

    Flavor Profile

    With tasting notes of rose, tangerine, and strawberry, this is a classic representation of an Ethiopian flavor profile. The coffee embodies the distinct flavors and aroma of fresh fruits and bright florals this country is known for.

    Samra Origins Exceedingly Rare Coffee

    I’m excited to launch this new project that supports Ethiopia’s incredible coffee heritage and honors the home of my ancestors. It’s a true passion project that I hope will inspire curiosity and support for the country’s people and culture.

    Abel Tesfaye, "The Weeknd"

    the weeknd sitting chair

    Behind the Name

    The Muse

    Samra Origins is an ode to Abel’s heritage, named after his mother and created in her image.

    Growing up, Abel watched her perform Buna Tetu, an Ethiopian coffee ceremony, for loved ones in their Toronto home—thousands of miles away from Samra’s native country. His mother’s dedication to her homeland shaped who he is today.

    This series is Abel’s gift to his mother and the people of Ethiopia.