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Wood-Handled Pouring Kettle

This kettle from Aoyoshi is one of our warmer kettles, with more character than most. Natural wood accents accompany a matte stainless steel drip pot for a more vintage look, with the most current design inspired by engineers.

The gentle swan neck and narrow spout give you the ease of the most cutting-edge pour over kettles, while maintaining the charm of a country-style kitchen. Compatible with induction heating, as well as a direct flame, this 1 liter kettle has a wide bottom for maximum heat efficiency.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Wood-Handled Pouring Kettle being used to prepare an aeropress.

Design Story

A True Aesthetic Balance

Wooden Warmth

The handle and lid fixture are made from natural wood, giving contrast to the metal body and lending the warmth found in natural materials.

Matte Body

To balance the warmth, this stainless steel kettle was designed with a matte finish to add a relaxed atmosphere and another dimension of charm to the look.

Swan-Like Elegance

The deep swan neck spout not only provides an elegant aesthetic element, but it also allows for a smooth, effortless pour that’s precise and accurate.

Wood-Handled Pouring Kettle on a table with an aeropress.