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Winter Coffee Set

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We brought our winter coffees together to give you the coziness and delight of the season. Our Winter Single Origin—Ethiopia Gedeb METAD Natural—dazzles with bursts of floral and fruity notes that uplift and enliven. The Winter Blend is crafted with our Winter Single Origin as the star component to be a velvety coffee with sweet flavors of dark chocolate and molasses complemented by fruity vibrancy.

Together, they embody the season—the exhilaration of festivities and the comfort of hibernation.

Two 6 oz bags, whole bean coffee

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

Two Tastes of the Season

A Limited-Edition Gift

Our Winter Coffee Set was made for sharing with loved ones, as an ephemeral gift they will cherish. These coffees are specially crafted and only available during the winter months. With delicately embossed packaging, this set is a gift that needs no wrapping.

Winter Blend

This blend holds all the warmth of dark, rich coffee with a glimmer of fruity brightness that uplifts the profile, perfect for cozying up on cold nights. Enjoy notes of dark chocolate, molasses, and blackberry.

Winter Single Origin

Ethiopia Gedeb METAD Natural is a fruity and floral counterpart to the grounding flavors of our blend, perfect for enlivening and rejoicing. Enjoy notes of blueberry jam, honey, and lavender.

winter coffee set
winter coffee set