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Winter Coffee Set

We brought our winter coffees together to give you the warmth and joy we love in this season. The Winter Blend is a cozy coffee that envelops you in sweet flavors of dark chocolate and molasses. While Ethiopia Gedeb METAD Natural sparkles with floral and fruity notes that uplift and enliven. Together, they embody the best facets of the season—the comfort of dormancy and the excitement of festivities.

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Design Story

Two Tastes of the Season

Winter Blend

This blend holds all the warmth of dark, rich coffee with a glimmer of fruity brightness that uplifts the profile, perfect for cozying up on cold nights.

Winter Single Origin

Ethiopia Gedeb METAD Natural is a fruity and floral counterpart to the grounding flavors of our blend, perfect for enlivening and rejoicing.

winter coffee set
winter coffee set