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Winter Coffee Cold Brew Set

Fans of crisp and refreshing cold brew stay loyal to it even in the winter months. This set includes everything you need to share this love with holiday guests. The all-in-one Hario Cold Brew Pitcher makes it easy to batch-brew dazzling cold coffee overnight so it’s ready to pour once festivities are underway.

The set comes with two elegantly packaged 6 oz bags of whole bean coffee from our winter collection—the Winter Single Origin and Winter Blend—for the full flavor spectrum from bright to bold.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Elevate your holiday gatherings

Winter Coffee Set

Winter Single Origin, Ethiopia Gedeb METAD Natural, dazzles with uplifting bursts of floral and fruity notes. The Winter Blend is a velvety coffee that envelops you in sweet flavors of dark chocolate and molasses, complemented by fruity vibrancy. Together, they embody the season.

Hario Cold Brew Pitcher

The all-in-one Hario cold brew system makes 800 ml of velvety cold brew coffee, perfect for holiday gatherings. Simply steep ground coffee in water in the fridge for 8-12 hours, then pour yourself a glass straight from the 360° pour spout.

Easy Gifting

Take the stress out of the holiday hustle with this thoughtfully paired gift set, intentionally designed to encourage the coffee lovers on your list to slow down and share the joy of the season.

Winter Coffee Cold Brew Set