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Tsuki Usagi Jirushi Slim Pot

This enamel kettle is a handcrafted beauty. Made by the craftspeople of Noda Enamel in Tokyo, each kettle is carefully produced in a traditional fashion. In part, we chose this 24 ounce kettle for its delightfully compact size and interesting spout structure that, in the right hands, has a very silky pour.

Its deep black finish, embossed with the golden emblem of Noda Enamel, makes it a subtle, yet striking piece that fits into every style and any kitchen.

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Slim pot Kettle Pouring Water

Design Story

A Traditional, Silky Pour

Traditionally Handmade

Made by the hands of the craftspeople of Noda Enamel in Tokyo, this kettle is designed and crafted in accordance with Japanese tradition.

Sized For Ease

This enamel kettle is one of our smaller kettles, chosen for its compact size that makes it a delight to use and travel with.

The Choice of Enamel

Choosing enamel over stainless steel has its benefits. While you cannot use this kettle on the stove, you can brew tea directly in the kettle without worrying about the flavor leaching into the walls. Always handwash to protect the enamel.