Third Wave Water

Did you know water, as much as any other variable, determines the deliciousness of your coffee? And while many cafes have fancy filtration systems in place, homes rarely do.

Third Wave Water™ provides a simple solution to a complex problem: Powdered minerals combine with distilled water to make a water with ideal mineral content for coffee brewing.
Choose from two versions—one for pour over, the other for espresso. Both yield delicious results.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Packet of Third Wave Water being poured into a carafe of water.

Design Story

Because coffee is ninety-eight percent water

Easy to Use

Just add to distilled water and shake: now you’re ready to brew your favorite coffee.

Boosts Flavor

Taste coffee as it’s intended, without the bitterness untreated water can impart.

Creates Consistency

Trust that you’ve got one variable down in your pursuit of the perfect cup.