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Takahiro Pour Over Kettle

What a sports car is on the road, this kettle is in your hands: silky, responsive, and unassumingly stylish. Handmade in Japan by the long-time cutlery and steel manufacturer Takahiro, this 0.9 liter kettle is revered by Japanese baristas and consistent home brewers around the world. Its sleek stainless steel body and rounded features give it a sophisticated feel that matches its aptitude.

With a graceful swan neck spout, you’ll have precise control over your flow—necessary for the most expressive pour over, and non-negotiable for the most devoted baristas.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Takahiro Pour Over Kettle

Design Story

Creating The Most Satistfying Pour

A Spout for the Masters

The sturdy swan neck makes this pour precise while allowing a thicker stream than other kettles. It can be a real tool in the hands of a master.

Handcrafted By the Best

Takahiro was established in 1975 in Niigata Prefecture, a center for cutlery and steel manufacturing. They’ve been stunning the world with their quality ever since: we like to call this one the Prosche of pouring kettles.

Made for Sophistication

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, this kettle is as durable as it is elegant. The chrome look gives it a sophistication that could place it next to the finest china, while it can be used on a gas or electric stovetop.

Cupping setup: cupping spoon, coffee and the Takahiro Pour Over Kettle.