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Espresso Tamper

To create a properly extracted espresso, the coffee grounds must be compressed into a perfect puck. When evenly compressed, a process called tamping, the grounds resist the pressure of the water so the coffee can brew to the right concentration. An even cup all comes down to the tamper.

We love this espresso tamper from St. Anthony—a company known and admired for their handcrafted tools—because of its weighted balance making tamping ever so satisfying. Plus, its rounded wooden handle is a joy to hold.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

Tamp With Ease

Handsome Handle

The smooth, rounded handle on this espresso tamper is made from a rich hardwood. With distinguished, visible grain, this handle is not only striking in looks, but feels great in your hand as well.

Sturdy Steel

The base of this espresso tamper is made from 304 stainless steel. Weighted and smooth, the steel is designed for easy replacement with a screw on and off functionally. 58.5mm diameter.

Well Weighted

In order to create an even puck, the weight distribution of the tamper must be perfectly even. This espresso tamper is just that, giving you an even shot of espresso every time.

Espresso tamper being used to prepare a an espresso shot.
Espresso being prepped with espresso tamper, distribution tool and portafilter.