Small Batch Instant Yemen Qima Bait Alal with Sipping Glass

Exceedingly Rare coffee like you’ve never tasted before. Imagine: the vivid fruit flavors, boozy brightness, and allspice aroma of Yemen Qima Bait Alal, now ready in seconds—with a fail-proof brew method so you’re certain to savor every precious drop.

Each order includes one tin of three single-serving vials of Small Batch Instant Coffee and a limited-edition sipping glass etched with the Blue Bottle Coffee logo. The glass is designed to be the perfect size for a tasting serving at 125 ml and the facets help the coffee shimmer in a lovely way.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Flavor Profile

Tamarind, Black Cherry, Vanilla

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Tamarind, Black Cherry, Vanilla
exceedingly rare coffee

Our Custom Process

Instantly Sippable, Beyond Delicious

The dream: an instant coffee method that captures the complexity of even the most extraordinary single origin coffees.

Years of exploration behind us, we’re proud to introduce Yemen Qima Instant. Our custom process preserves each layer of this stunning coffee, while transforming it into shimmering crystals that couldn’t be simpler to brew.


The Discovery of Yemenia

In 2020, Faris Sheibani, founder of Qima Coffee, shared a groundbreaking discovery: his home country’s coffee plants had evolved into an entirely new genetic mother population—Yemenia.
Qima processes this genetically-distinct coffee with an innovative method they call “Alchemy.” Pressure, temperature control, gas regulation, and slow-drying reveal the flavor intrinsic to Yemen Qima Bait Ala.

yemen on a map
Hayma Kharijiya
March 2021
2300 meters
coffee as a fruit
exceedingly rare coffee

How to Brew

Brew Yemen Qima Instant in Seconds

Experience this seductively nuanced coffee that’s inspired us since our earliest days. The wild, expressive flavor of Yemeni coffees enthralled us from our start, when Blue Bottle launched in 2002. We’ve never lost that infatuation, so it was the obvious choice for our inaugural Exceedingly Rare instant coffee. Here’s how to brew Yemen Qima Instant for the best expression.

cafe mug
85 - 100 grams of water to 150 - 170 F.
in one vial of Yemen Qima Instant.
in the aroma.
Sip. Savor. Repeat.