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Samra Origins MiiR Tumbler with Straw, 16 oz

Our Samra Origins Tumbler allows you to bring a delicious celebration of Ethiopia with you wherever your journeys take you. Its generous 16-ounce size and insulated walls keep cold brew ready to drink all day long, no matter the temperature outside. With our Samra Origins MiiR Tumbler and Straw, you’ll be drinking cold brew made with our new Samra Blend Vol. 1 on repeat all summer long.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Samra Statement Piece

We redesigned our favorite travel tumbler with Abel to bring a piece of his style to your day. All black and emblazoned with the Amharic spelling of Samra, this to-go cup boasts a minimalist, sleek look that feels like The Weeknd. Bring it with you on errands around town, neighborhood walks, or road trips, as it fits in your hand just as well as it fits in your car cup holder.

Samra Tumbler
Samra Tumbler