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Samra Origins Cold Brew Set

Our Samra Origins Cold Brew Set makes enjoying luminous cold brew with loved ones simple. Inspired by Abel and Samra’s shared coffee moments, we included two Kinto Kronos Double-Walled Glasses, so you can create your own memories over coffee. The Luce Cold Brewer makes one liter of cold brew overnight using a fine mesh filter, leaving you with radiant and pure coffee.

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Design Story

Limited-Edition Samra Origins Exclusive

The Luce Cold Brewer Carafe

This cold brewer also serves as a beautiful, one-liter carafe. The mesh filter prevents even the finest of grounds from escaping, leaving you with crystalline cold brew. With a drip-free spout that you don’t need to open and close, this carafe makes pouring an elegant act.

The Kronos Double-Walled Glasses

This set of two elegant glasses makes sharing your brilliant cold brew a joy. Double-walled insulation means you can sip slowly while your coffee stays refreshing and crisp. A ledge around the center of the glass offers a comfortable hold.

The Cold Brew Experience, Elevated

Impress your guests and create special moments with loved ones while effortlessly brewing and sharing radiant cold brew. We recommend using this set to brew and serve Samra Blend Vol. 1 to unlock all its flavor.

samra cold brew set with coffee
how to use the coffee products

How To Use

Brewing Luminous Cold Brew

The Setup

Grind 80 g of coffee on a drip setting (similar to the size of kosher salt). Add 800 g of water to your Luce Cold Brewer carafe. Then add your ground coffee to the filter and submerge it into the water. Pour 100 g of water over the grounds into the carafe.

Let the Brewing Begin

Using a long spoon, gently stir the water in the carafe to agitate the grounds and mix them with the water. Press the filter cap on and screw in the lid. Place the carafe in the fridge and let the coffee brew for 8-12 hours.

Serve It Up

After 8-12 hours, gently shake the carafe to stir the coffee. Remove the filter, then pour your cold brew over ice for a luminous cup of coffee. Store any extra cold brew in the carafe in the fridge without the filter.