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Porlex Mini Grinder II

Small enough to hold for comfy grinding. Built to last with sturdy stainless steel and extra-sharp conical ceramic burr set. Consistently spot-on grind size for delightfully nuanced coffee. In other words, the ideal hand-crank grinder.

Keep in your kitchen for a sensory at-home ritual, or easily bring the Porlex Mini II with you anytime you suspect you might crave A+ coffee away from home.

Camping. Road trips. When you stay with friends who are, ahem, less coffee-enthused. Here’s to a proper cup of coffee: always, everywhere.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Person using the porlex mini grinder.

Design Story

Portable, High-Quality Hand Grinder

Space Saving

Designed for portability (fits in an AeroPress) and a small footprint, you can pop the handle off to store with your grinder when you are not using it.

Easy to Fine-tune

Fanatical about grind size and consistency? You can finely calibrate for each round by 37 microns with each click.

Long-lasting Parts

Indestructible and static-free stainless steel body with 20 gram capacity. Durable and easy to clean ceramic, conical burrs. Made in Japan.

Coffee being poured with the porlex grinder on the table.