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Philippines Set

As a part of our Horizon Series, this set brings you two tastes from a region underrepresented in recent years, but was once well-known for their coffees. The Philippines has a fluctuating history with coffee, once ranking among the top five exporting countries in the world to now mostly feeding only local demand. These coffees from Sitio San Roque farm expose us to a new wave of Philippine coffee.

Contains two 6oz bags of whole-bean coffee:
Philippines Sitio San Roque Typica Sweet
Philippines Sitio San Roque Anaerobic Natural

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Design Story

Ushering in a New Era

Sitio San Roque Coffee Farm

The growers and producers at Sitio San Roque are ushering in a new era of coffee production in the Philippines through their dedication to experimentation. We see the bold use of anaerobic fermentation in both of these remarkable coffees.

Philippines Sitio San Roque Typica Sweet

The experimental fermentation in the Typica Sweet coffee lends itself to a thick, comforting coffee with bold spices and notes of dried fruit typical to natural processing.

Philippines Sitio San Roque Anaerobic Natural

Their Anaerobic Natural coffee, on the other hand, has a jammy flavor with bright notes of plum and grape, tantalizing you with the scent of baking spices before your first sip.

Philippines coffee in a kinto glass mug

"We’re slowly witnessing the quality of Philippine coffee improve—from processing to roasting to brewing—and along the way, we’re also seeing some farm communities’ quality of life improve because of coffee.

Corazon Padilla
Kalsada Coffee
Philippines coffee set in a kitchen