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New Acaia Pearl Scale S

A trade secret for exceptional coffee at home: tools that deliver consistency. In our cafes, we rely on Acaia Pearl scales for accurate proportions, from brewing coffee to batching wafel batter. Elegant. Easy to use. Foundational to a reliably delicious pour over.

Monitor weight, time, and flow rate during brewing with minimal effort. So accurate it’s sensitive even to weight changes from evaporation. Download brew guides and recipes straight to your scale with your smartphone; it’s like having a built-in world-class coach.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Acaia scale being used to weigh

Design Story

Refine Your At-Home Brewing Style

Improve Your Technique

Professional-grade scale simultaneously monitors weight, time, and real-time flow rate in a triple display, so you can brew more delicious coffee, more reliably. With optimized display brightness, you can even take your setup outdoors. Scale capacity: up to 3 kg.

Access Expert Recipes

Use (and even create) easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for custom coffee recipes by linking the Acaia smartphone app with your scale. Plus, personalized brewing modes include auto tare, auto start, espresso mode, portafilter mode, and more.

Adaptive for the Vision-Impaired

With new sound notifications, you can customize sound or voice settings to hear the weight and time. A countdown timer equipped with music collaborations lends an element of elegance to your process.

Pour over being prepared using the acaia scale.