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Miir Press-Fit Lid and Straw

MiiR has made a custom reusable straw in our favorite shade of blue to perfectly fit your MiiR cup. Never be without your cold brew, iced matcha, or iced anything with this vacuum sealed lid, so your cold drinks can go wherever you do.

Made to fit the MiiR Commuter Cup or the MiiR Travel Mug, this press-fit lid and straw duo can transform your go-to mug into a to-go mug depending on the weather or your mood.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

MiiR Press-Fit Lid and Straw

Design Story

Iced on the Go

Sustainable Action

We’re always looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint. This reusable straw with a lid that already fits your MiiR mug is the perfect way to drink iced coffees sustainably.

Flexible Straw

The MiiR straw was designed with silicone to be flexible and bendable in your mug. It can also be adjusted to fit different MiiR cup models by trimming the bottom.

Sealed Lid

The press-fit lid glides into place in either the MiiR Commuter Cup or the MiiR Travel Mug, creating a suction seal that makes it great for on the go.

Person drinking from Miir Commuter Cup with Straw and Press Fit Lid.