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Lunar New Year Set

We celebrate the year ahead with an homage to the past. This set features two signature robusta blends created for two of our favorite cafes. Our Zhang Yuan blend—inspired by the cafe culture of Old Shanghai—was developed for our most distinctive cafe in China. We pair this with our 17ft Ceiling Espresso, created specifically for one of our first San Francisco cafes, Mint Plaza. While both coffees were made to be brewed as espressos, they sing beautifully as both pour overs and coffees made on a moka pot.

Two 6 oz bags, whole bean coffee

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Tale of Two Cafes

Zhang Yuan

Drawing inspiration from our cafe located in the historic Zhang Yuan building in Shanghai, this darker and full-bodied blend offers a nuanced, softly fruited accent that evokes 1880s Shanghai. Uncover notes of dark chocolate and blueberry jam in this nostalgic blend.

17ft Ceiling

An ode to one of our very first cafes, in San Francisco’s Mint Plaza, 17ft Ceiling harkens back to straightforward, blue-collar Italian espressos. Notes of caramel, almond, and cherry carry through this full-bodied blend.

Lunar New Year Set
Lunar New Year Set