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Kinto Double-Walled Glass Set

Round out your minimalist drinkware collection with this set of two elegant glasses. Double-walled insulation means you can sip as slowly as you like while your coffee stays at just the right temperature, whether you’re drinking an icy cold brew or piping-hot pour over.

Plus, no condensation equals no puddles on your table. The soft curves of these glasses look lovely, and feel nice to hold, too. From longtime Blue Bottle partner Kinto.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Kinto Kronos Double-walled glasses with cold brew coffee being poured into

Design Story

Kinto x Blue Bottle

Longtime collaborator Kinto has been a staple for Blue Bottle glassware and ceramics. The minimalist style inhabits our beautiful cafes by way of the Kinto x Blue Bottle Carafe, used to make all pour overs.

Cold Brew Coffee in a Kinto Kronos Double-walled glass