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Kenya Nyeri Thunguri Natural

This naturally processed coffee is ahead of the curve in Kenya. While most producers turn to washed processing because of the region’s climate, the Thunguri Factory took on the challenging feat of natural processing. What they created blew us away. This coffee upholds the flavors of citrus and cranberry we love from the region, while adding a full, jammy body and an uninhibited sweetness.

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Flavor Profile

Blackberry Jam, Grapefruit, Dried Strawberry

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Innovating the Coffee Trade in Kenya

This is our second year with an offering from Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters, and it marks a step towards free-trade within the Kenyan specialty coffee market. A group of farmers formed this co-op to bring themselves closer to roasters for more direct trade. Through KCCE, we are able to circumnavigate Kenya’s maze-like auctions that limit our access to coffees and offer you gems like this.

Nyeri, Kenya
SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian
1,600 meters