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Hario Nel Drip Set

The wood-neck nel drip brews a unique coffee: thick, viscous, sweet, and focused — texturally reminiscent of mulled wine.

Probably the pour over method that leans the most into meditative brewing, it’s also quite moody and fragile: Water that's too hot, a hurried pour, or even an offhand remark might wither its complexity.

Ideal for the coffee curious who delights in investing the time to pursue a magical cup.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Hario Nel Drip Set sitting on a scale in the kitchen

Design Story

Caring for Your Nel Filters

Filter care instructions from Hario: Wash or boil a new filter before first use. Let filter soak in the water, then wring tightly before use. Remove cloth filter after brewing and wash. Keep immersed in water in the refrigerator, changing water occasionally. Do not allow the filter to dry, or it may acquire an unpleasant taste.

Nel Dripper Icon
Manufactured and designed by Hario in Japan

Heatproof glass with wooden neck

Wooden handle, stainless steel ring, cloth filter

Hand wash only 240 ml size