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Fellow Carter Move Mug, 12 oz in Fog Grey

Just for the holiday season, our favorite travel mug is taking on the serenity of winter with our exclusive Fog Grey color.

The Carter Move Mug, from San Francisco–based designer Fellow, solves the traveler’s never-ending dilemma of transporting just-brewed coffee—and in great style.

Modeled with a wine glass’s lip, this mug is made for elegant drinking on the go. Not to mention the splash guard, stainless steel insulation, and ceramic coating that let you do it all while looking the part with our exclusive grey color, just for winter.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Minimalist style, maximum benefits.

Perfect for Driving

Snap-in splash guard prevents coffee from spilling on your stuff while you’re driving (or gesticulating wildly). Use the knob on the splash guard to push in or pull out of Carter. If the splash guard gets stuck, rotate it back and forth slightly until it releases.

Keeps the Right Temperature

No more lukewarm coffee for you. Insulated double-walled stainless steel maintains your drink temperature, hot or cold, for a staggering 24 hours. Because delicious drinks should stay delicious, even on the go.

Tastes Like It Should

One of those features you might not realize you’re looking for until you find it: a ceramic interior coating that keeps coffee tasting like coffee, never adding funky flavors that other thermoses can. Life-changing, right?

Fellow Carter Move Mug, 12 oz in Fog Grey