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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

San Francisco-based coffee tools designer Fellow made a simple and effective storage canister for coffee that we simply can’t resist. The glass Atmos Vacuum Canister has a matte black stainless steel lid that doubles as an air removal pump, significantly extending your coffee’s freshness. When you’re ready to grind your beans, just release the vacuum to open.

Oxygen isn’t the only enemy to coffee freshness. The Atmos Vacuum Canister also prevents odors and moisture from degrading your coffee, leaving you with impeccable taste. To keep your canister functioning best, hand wash it, avoiding high heat.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Fellow Atmos Coffee Bean Storage Canister

Design Story

Creating a Void of Freshness

Air Goes Out

This canister is designed to remove air by twisting the lid back and forth. When the air is gone, a button on the lid will turn green to notify you.

Nothing Gets In

The suctioned lid creates a vacuum seal that doesn’t allow anything in—no moisture, odor, even air. With the press of the button, the vacuum releases and only you can get into your coffee.

Just Enough Space

The Atmos Vacuum Canister is exactly 1.2 liters, tailor made to hold one 12-ounce bag of beans—reminding you that less is more when it comes to freshness.

Fellow Atmos Coffee storage container on kitchen counter