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Experimental Set

Our Experimental Coffee Set brings together two coffees from Colombia, both originating from the Wush Wush cultivar, yet entirely different in taste and texture. We created this set to give the coffee lover a comparison of the different experimental representations of coffee through processing. Enjoy these single origins alone or side by side for an exploration into the nuances of specialty coffee.

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Design Story

The Artistry and Flavor of Experimentation

The Wush Wush

The Wush Wush cultivar used in both these coffees originated in Ethiopia and is globally known to be rare and exotic with flavor beyond comparison.

Honey Dynamic Fermentation

Colombia La Foresta Wush Wush Honey Dynamic Fermentation is fermented with locally cultivated yeasts, then dried on raised beds with the mucilage left intact to garner bright notes of apricot, grapefruit, and jasmine.

Anaerobic Natural

Colombia La Cereza Wush Wush Anaerobic Natural is made using oxygen-free fermentation and drying with the coffee cherry still intact for a flavor profile featuring deep notes of cranberry, pomegranate, and dried strawberry.

experimental coffee set
experimental coffee set on table