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Exceedingly Rare Ethiopia Tamiru Tadesse Tesema COE #1

Coffee began in Ethiopia, and centuries later, the country still sets the world standard for expressive flavor. Here, the bar for quality is dizzyingly high. So even earning a spot in Ethiopia’s prestigious Cup of Excellence competition is no small feat—this coffee took first place. When we tasted it, we knew it was our 2022 Exceedingly Rare grand finale and the star of our Holiday Collection.

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"Tesema's processing takes this award-winning coffee from a 10 to an 11. We knew we needed to save it as a capstone for our Holiday offerings because of its deliciousness, and the small miracle it represents.

Shaun Puklavetz
Coffee Sourcing and Relationship Manager

Flavor Profile

Notes of Pineapple, Jasmine, Raspberry

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exceedingly rare coffee
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Our Growers

map with pin on ethiopia
Anaerobic Natural
2,100 meters

Roasting Profile

Small Batch Coffee, Fresh-Roasted Daily to Order

We employ the Japanese notion of Kaizen in our roasting practice. This idea of “good change” or “continuous improvement” drives our team to keep daily records of their tastings, always chasing better, more delicious, more consistent coffees.

We roast small batches on Loring machines around the world, so our coffee tastes not only luminous, but reliably consistent, from Tokyo to New York.

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exceedingly rare coffee