Ethiopia Karamo Faysel Abdosh Natural

This coffee stands out as complex, even compared to other Ethiopian coffees (and at this point you know we believe these live in a class of their own). Producer Faysel Abdosh takes the classic regional profile to the next level with this coffee; a complex aroma unfurls in notes of fresh-cut roses and budding jasmine, while a nectarine brightness complements the soft sweetness of peach.

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Flavor Profile

Dried Strawberry, Rose, Peach

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Single Origin coffee in kinto glass mug
Ethiopia Coffee Farm

Origin and Partnerships

Singing Our Praises for Karamo

You may know the Sidama Zone of Ethiopia for its floral coffees, but let us introduce you to Karamo. It’s a small village within Sidama that’s been narrowed in on by coffee lovers over the last few years for its coffees produced with unparalleled complexity. The region has been taking Cup of Excellence competitions by storm proving their devotion to coffee quality.

Ethiopia on a map
Karamo, Sidama, Ethiopia
Heirloom Varieties
1900-2100 meters