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Espresso Set

We love espresso for its versatility. Everyone drinks it—the blue collar Italian (ciao, Robusta!) refueling between shifts to the connoisseur leisurely delighting in the layers of flavor. Like all good things in life, espresso is a fleeting moment of revelry.

While you can use any coffee to make espresso, we created these three blends specifically for this potent brew method. Taste the possibilities of espresso with this set, from brooding to boisterous.

Three 6oz bags of whole-bean coffee

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

Our Espresso Line Up

Hayes Valley Espresso

Our darkest espresso, with rich chocolaty flavors and notes of orange zest and brown sugar; this favorite is our standard espresso blend in all our cafes.

17 ft Ceiling

Named for the building specs in our Mint Plaza cafe in San Francisco, this espresso blend is our reverse-engineered rendition of a classic Italian espresso.


This is our brightest espresso blend, made to challenge the notion of thick, rich espresso and offer a fruit-forward and effervescent alternative.

Threes bags of coffee on a table
Threes bags of coffee on a table