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Espresso Pairing Set

Dive into the world of rich, bold flavors with a 10 oz bag of our Winter Espresso, carefully sourced and roasted for perfection. Complement your caffeine fix with a box of exquisite chocolates, for a delightful harmony of cocoa and coffee. This elegantly packaged gift set also includes a pair of double-walled Bodum glasses, designed to keep your espresso hot while showcasing its nuanced layers.

It’s a perfect treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for any coffee connoisseur, guaranteeing indulgence and sophistication.

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Winter Espresso

Our Winter Espresso blends natural processed Ethiopian coffee with a deep, chocolatey Latin American base for a dark and broody espresso energized with fruit nuance. Delicious both with milk and as a standalone shot.

Original Beans Chocolates

Each set includes 12 mini bars of Origin Beans single-origin dark chocolate. Sourced from Tanzania, they have bright, sweet notes of caramelized orange and rich hints of toffee—a perfect pairing with coffee.

Bodum Glass Set

Each crystal-clear 10 oz mug is crafted with heat-resistant borosilicate glass. The double-walled design keeps hot drinks hot and your hands toasty warm.

Espresso Pairing Set