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BT Wedge Distribution Tool

Espresso brewing is its own art form built upon patience, precision, and practice. The even distributions of ground coffee in the portafilter before brewing is a crucial part that can often be overlooked. This professional-grade distributor, originally created by South Korean cafe owner Il Seon Jeon, has an adjustable depth to fit perfectly with your espresso set up. With a graceful flick of the wrist, this distributor’s solid stainless steel wedge spins in the basket, dispersing coffee evenly without unwanted compression.

For added warmth and finesse, the steel is inlaid with walnut hardwood, allowing each spin to gain a satisfying momentum.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

The Satisfaction of Even Espresso Brewing

Adjustable Depth

This 58.3mm diameter distributor’s depth is easily adjusted from 5 to 14 mm. This versatility ensures the coffee grounds are minimally compacted by offering the perfect fit for your espresso set up.

Wedge Shape

South Korean cafe owner Il Seon Jeon designed this distributor with a proprietary wedge shape to evenly distribute the coffee without prematurely compressing it. The proper distribution of grounds is crucial to brewing an even espresso shot.

Steel and Wood

The solid, precision-machined stainless steel gives the distributor a weight that makes every spin ever-so satisfying. Saint Anthony Industries then balances the steel against a walnut hardwood inlay for warmth.

BT Wedge Distribution Tool tamping into espresso portafilter
BT Wedge Distribution Tool and Espresso Tamper