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Craft Matcha and Subminimal NanoFoamer Set

Our ceremonial-grade Craft Matcha is made by stone-grinding the tender leaves of the shade-grown tencha, or green tea plant. It’s simply the highest-quality matcha sourced from Uji, Japan. So it demands the highest-quality tools. Enter stage left: the Subminimal NanoFoamer. With touch activation and more, this foamer will help you create velvety-smooth matcha and micro-foamed milk for matcha lattes.

This set is an elegant gift for the tea lover in your life—all you need is a bow.

10 servings per tin.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

At-Home Artistry

Matcha Latte Recipe

Step 1: Create Matcha Base

Using your Subminimal NanoFoamer (without the screen attachment), mix 1 oz of water (170°F) with 1 ½ tsp of Craft Matcha in a tall glass.

Step 2: Sweeten to Your Liking

Add your sweetener of choice and mix into Craft Matcha with a quick pulse of the NanoFoamer. We recommend using ½ tsp of cane sugar.

Step 3: Add Milk and Enjoy

Add 8 oz of hot milk to your Craft Matcha (bonus points if you create a microfoam using the NanoFoamer superfine screen). Or pour your Craft Matcha over ice and add 8 oz of cold milk.

Craft Matcha
Craft Matcha

Design Story

Our Favorite Matcha Latte Tool

Craft Matcha

Our team in Kyoto, Japan, worked with Rishouen—a teahouse born from five generations of tea knowledge—to source matcha fit for chanoyu, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Choose Your Foam Texture

Tailor your matcha lattes or any other drink with a range of attachment screens varying in size to help you create the milk texture you prefer.

Foam and Mix with Ease

Clever features make the NanoFoamer a dream to use: touch-activated on/off switch, waterproof for fuss-free cleanup, and a wall mount for easy access.

Craft Matcha Recipe