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Craft Matcha

From the renowned matcha region of Uji, Japan, we bring you ceremonial-grade Craft Matcha. Our Kyoto team explored the mountains of Japan to find a matcha that embodies the quality and taste we demand out of our coffee. We choose tender tea leaves from our producer’s first harvest of tencha, or shade-grown matcha plants, and stone-grind them to protect against heat degradation

10 servings per tin.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

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Instant Multiserve

Hands down, the most balanced matcha I’ve tried, and it is easy to incorporate into a barista-level matcha latte every morning - it is full-bodied but doesn’t taste too grassy or earthy.

- In the Know Cooking

Flavor Profile

Verdant, Smooth, Vibrant

This Craft Matcha is the same one we use in our cafes around the world. Now you can make our delicious Matcha Lattes at home. Vibrant and savory with an intricate earthy taste, this ceremonial-grade matcha is an elegant and full-bodied delicacy when paired with milk and served over ice, or enjoyed with a rich pour of steamed milk.

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Origin and Partnerships

Rishouen’s Centuries of Tradition

Our team in Kyoto, Japan, worked with Uji-based Rishouen—a teahouse born from five generations of tea knowledge—to source matcha fit for chanoyu, the traditional Japanese tea ceremony dating back to the 12th century. Rishouen is led by Koji Kagata, a second-generation tea master whose inherited learnings in the Way of Tea began with his great-great-grandfather, who was a tea farmer in Uji.

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