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Craft Instant Espresso Essentials Kit

A set for the latte lover: a 48 g jar of Craft Instant Espresso, the Subminimal Nanofoamer, and a Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon. Everything you need to measure and brew delicious lattes in seconds, elevated with silky foam.

Bundle and save, $87 Value.

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Design Story

Craft Instant Espresso Essentials Kit

Craft Instant Espresso

The gift of consistently delicious lattes at home in seconds: just add milk. We love our Instant all the ways, but we’re particularly smitten with sipping it as an iced latte. This 48 g jar includes 12 servings.

Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon

One leveled spoonful makes a precise 4 g dose for one Instant Espresso latte. Engraved with our logo. Includes cupping instructions. From W. Wright Cutlery and Silverware in Sheffield, England.

Subminimal Nanofoamer

Our preferred tool to create silky foam for at-home espresso drinks. Excellent for latte art. Subminimal’s Nanofoamer and our Instant Espresso are a heaven-made match. Emblazoned with the Blue Bottle logo.

instant latte and spoon