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Craft Instant Espresso and Chocolate Pairing

A set guaranteed to delight. Our Craft Instant Espresso makes consistently delicious iced or hot lattes. And when paired with this single origin dark chocolate from Original Beans? *Chef’s kiss.*

Includes 5 individual sachets (4 g each) of Craft Instant Espresso, plus a 12-pack of mini (12 g) Blue Bottle Coffee x Original Beans chocolates.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

origin beans chocolate

Design Story

A Set Guaranteed to Delight.

Craft Instant Espresso

The gift of consistently delicious lattes at home in seconds. We love our Instant all the ways, but we’re particularly smitten with sipping it as an iced latte. Includes 5 single-serve sachets.

Original Beans Single Origin

Bright, sweet notes of caramelized orange and rich hints of toffee make this vibrant chocolate craveable on its own—and even better paired with our Instant Espresso.

instant coffee and chocolate being enjoyed by woman