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Craft Instant Espresso and Cupping Spoon Set

A set guaranteed to delight coffee connoisseurs: a 60 gram jar of Craft Instant Espresso for making consistently delicious lattes in seconds, plus our Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon, which doubles as a handsome dose measurement tool.

This set comes in a reusable bag, ready to travel.

Bundle and save, $45 Value.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Set for Coffee Connoisseurs

Craft Instant Espresso

We start with the highest quality coffee, blend and roast for a rich espresso profile, then transform it into elegant crystals that dissolve in seconds for iced or hot lattes as delicious as your favorite Blue Bottle cafe.

Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon

A must-have at Blue Bottle HQ for evaluating roasts. Made by W. Wright Cutlery and Silverware in Sheffield, England, a family-run business in operation for over a century. Engraved with our logo. Includes cupping instructions.

instant with cupping spoon