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Costa Rica Hybrid Set

This set from Café Rivense features two first-generation hybrid cultivars that are advancing the coffee industry. Costa Rica Rivense Casiopea Natural and Costa Rica Rivense H3 Natural were bred to protect and improve coffee amid climate change. Both received the same natural processing to isolate the unique characteristics of the different cultivars.

The Casiopea is a hybrid cultivar offering jammy plum flavor with a caramel sweetness and a breathtaking floral aroma. The H3 hybrid is more delicate with wild berry notes and a clean, light mouthfeel.

Set includes two 6 ounce bags of whole bean coffee.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Origin and Partnership

Café Rivense’s Innovation

Café Rivense is known for future-proofing the industry through experimentation—especially in their nursery. These hybrid cultivars have been years in the making, born from a public-private partnership with the desire to create varieties that are both delicious and sturdy. Each has its strength: the Casiopea is disease-resistant and the H3 is climate-adaptive. With the set, you can compare the beautiful flavors of two of these innovative hybrids.

Drink in every hint of nuanced flavor for a glimpse at where coffee growers are headed.

Costa Rica Coffee Farm
Costa Rica Hybrid Set on table with cups of coffee in Kinto Mugs