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Comforting Coffee Set

These three coffees offer distinct takes on the flavors we find most comforting this time of year. Each coffee, with notes of rich dark chocolate and the sweet hint of citrus, pairs with slippers, a good book, and an ebbing fire—enjoyed black or with steamed milk. An ideal and seamless gift, for loved ones or yourself, to satisfy those holiday cravings for warming flavors and grounding experiences.

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Design Story

Three Kinds of Comfort

Winter Blend

Made with a shimmer of Ethiopian coffee, this blend holds all the warmth of dark, rich flavor with a fruity brightness that uplifts the profile.

Winter Espresso

This deep and brooding espresso blend is colored by wisps of dried raspberries from the addition of Ethiopian coffee.

Hayes Valley Espresso

Our classic Hayes Valley Espresso is full-bodied and bold, with sweet brown sugar and hints of citrus. Enjoyed both as an espresso and as a pour over.

comforting coffee set
comforting coffee set