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Cold Blend No. 1

Cold Blend No. 1 sets a new standard for dimensionality, taste, and complexity in iced coffee. From start to finish—seed to cup—we designed it to shine brightest when sipped cold.
With crisp fruit notes accenting a sweet base of milk chocolate and jammy flavors, this coffee is our most refreshing and luminous blend yet. Enjoy over ice and experience all that iced coffee can and should be.

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Flavor Profile

Fig Jam, Milk Chocolate, Dried Apricots

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Cold Blend No.1 in a glass on an end table in the sun
Cold Blend No.1 in a glass next to packaging and beans

Blend Story

Cold Blend No. 1

When we thought about excellent coffee, we were hard-pressed to find a blend made for iced coffee that fit our standards. So we got to work. Cold Blend No. 1 is intentionally made to be enjoyed over ice. We redesigned the components of a traditional blend to create a structure that shines in cold form. Now you can savor all the complexity and dimension you’ve been missing in your iced coffee.

Design Story

Blend Components

Base: 50% Kenya

We developed the Kenyan component more than is typical when roasting a coffee from this region. This is the base of the blend, creating a caramelized sweetness as the backdrop.

Mid Note: 35% Costa Rica

This element provides a jammy, full body that adds a layer of subdued fruit flavors. This is where we begin to build complexity and dimension.

Accent: 15% Costa Rica

The lightest roast of the three, this Costa Rican component adds a dazzling accent of bright fruit notes. It provides a slightly funky note that creates buoyancy and completes the profile.

Cold Blend No.1 in Bodum Glasses with Blue Bottle Logo
Coffee beans being roasted

Roasting Profile

Small Batch Coffee, Fresh-Roasted Daily to Order

We employ the Japanese notion of Kaizen in our roasting practice. This idea of “good change” or “continuous improvement” drives our team to keep daily records of their tastings, always chasing better, more delicious, more consistent coffees.

We roast small batches on Loring machines around the world, so our coffee tastes not only luminous, but reliably consistent, from Tokyo to New York.