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Coffee Carafe

You might recognize this pristine carafe from a visit to one of our cafes. We hand-brew pour overs using our Coffee Carafe in cafes from New York City to Tokyo.

We partnered with Kinto—a frequent collaborator because of their quality and craftsmanship—to create an 18 ounce carafe that’s a pleasure to use and to view. Made to fit under your dripper and serve with elegance, this glass carafe allows you to take in the sight of your brewing and the clean, clear cup you create.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

coffee carafe with pour over brewed coffee

Design Story

Serving With Elegance and Grace

Our Coffee Carafe was designed in collaboration with Japanese drinkware company Kinto to showcase coffee’s beauty in our cafes. And now, you can take this Blue Bottle essential home to serve your guests with added grace and a confidence in clarity.

coffee being poured from carafe