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Chemex 3-Cup Filters

These filters are the very cornerstone of the Chemex brew process. Designed by Chemex themselves, these filters were constructed to fit perfectly in your Chemex brew tool. One without the other is like a car without a steering wheel, or a yo-yo without a string. The heavy paper filters are 30% thicker than your average filter, helping to brew a gorgeously crystalline cup with no residue slipping through.

Give your Chemex the filters it deserves and brew clean, clear coffee with a pure, delicious taste. Includes 100 filters.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

chemex 3-cup filters with ground being poured

Design Story

Made for Each Other

Deliberate Accessorizing

These filters were specifically constructed by Chemex to not only fit your Chemex brew tool like a glove, but also work with your brew tool to make the best possible coffee Chemex can offer.

Clean Brewing

The Chemex filters are one of the heaviest paper filters—30% thicker than those you find at the supermarket—so you can brew an incredibly clean cup with no sediment passing through.

Prioritizing Taste

These filters are manufactured using the bleach-free oxygen cleansing process, ensuring no chemical residue is imparted to the filters and you only taste the flavor of your coffee.

chemex 3-cup brewer with filters