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Blue Bottle Coffee x Kinto — Cafe Cup & Saucer for Two

Hold a glass cup of coffee and you can see its color variations and luminosity. That’s why we serve pour overs in our cafes in these elegant Kinto mugs, made exclusively for Blue Bottle.

And although some measure their lives in coffee spoons, we think the better metric is cups of coffee shared with friends. That’s why we’ve bundled this set: two of our classic cafe mugs with two custom warm maple wood saucers, both by Kinto in Japan.

Invite some Blue Bottle charm to your at-home coffee dates with this cup and saucer duo.

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"The metaphor of transparency isn’t a metaphor with these cups. You’re seeing the coffee. We go to great lengths to find the most delicious, interesting coffees. We want our process to be transparent at every level—from sourcing, to roasting, to drinking. It’s beautiful to really see your coffee.


— James Freeman
Holding Kinto Cup with coffee in it

Design Story

Let the Light In

Kinto creates everyday objects that embody timelessness, objects that will never fall out of fashion. Simple elegance. Like these glass mugs made exclusively for Blue Bottle. Enjoy a beautiful morning coffee ritual with these cups and maple wood saucers.

Cup and saucer icon.
(2) 350ml glass
(2) Maple wood
Cups are microwavable, saucers are not
Hand wash
Two kinto cups with coffee