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Bolivia Samaipata El Fuerte SL-28 Natural

While Bolivia is known for its balanced profiles, this is brighter than you’d ever expect from the region. The Rodriguez family chose to naturally process the SL-28 cultivar, turning a brilliantly vivid Kenyan variety into an even brighter and fruitier expression of itself. Intense flavors of dark red berries mingle with a tactile jamminess for a complex, sweet, and subtly floral profile.

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Flavor Profile

Blackberry, Chamomile, Honey

  • Flavor

    10% on a scale from Floral / Fruity to Dark Chocolate
  • Roast

    10% on a scale from Light to Dark
Single Origin Coffee in kinto mug
single origin coffee

Origin and Partnership

The Rodriguez Collection’s Private Auctions

We’ve been working with the Rodriguez family for three years, and they continue to amaze us. Growing and playing with rare cultivars like the SL-28 is highly unusual in Bolivia and makes for a unique melding of terroir and variety.

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1.700 Meters