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Bodum Chambord 17oz French Press

This excellent single-person French press from Bodum includes chrome feet, black bakelite plastic knob and handle, and special Bodum-designed insulated lid. This three-tasse design has better heat retention than the skinny three-tasse size.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Bodum Chambord 17oz French Press being plunged.

Design Story

Classic Design, Delicious Coffee

Stainless steel plunger filters coffee grounds for a rich and flavorful immersion without the grit.
Heat-resistant glass carafe resists stains and won’t diminish your coffee’s flavor. Matte-finish handle makes pouring comfortable, plus gives it that timeless look.

French press icon
17-ounce capacity
Stainless-steel frame

Borosilicate glass carafe
Freshly brewed french press being poured into a cup.