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Blue Bottle x Bodum French Press

French press coffee is a delicious reminder that a coffee’s body can be just as captivating as its flavor. To bring you a cup with a heavy body and smooth taste, we partnered with Bodum to create a classic French press in our signature blue.

This 17 ounce French press lends your coffee a substantial presence that is rich and satisfying, with a bold taste that you’ll love.

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

A Bold and Textured Taste


Bodum’s filter is a stainless steel mesh plunger that’s fine enough to prevent grounds from escaping when the coffee is poured and when the filter is pressed for your final cup.

Rounded Out

The round dome lid and the classic curvature of the handle are both emblematic of the French press’s history, harkening back to the iconic Melior French presses of mid-century France.

Durable and Safe

The beaker of the French press is made from tritan, a BPA-free plastic, with an iron frame for a light weight and impact-resistant tool that will last and can travel anywhere without fear of breakage.

bodum french press