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Blue Bottle Mug

You know that mug you reach for most? Perfect handle. Holds the ideal amount of coffee. Looks at home on your kitchen counter, your desk, with both hands curled around it for morning warmth.

For us, this is that mug. Simple. Sophisticated. Smooth porcelain, soft curves. Designed by our partners at Claska, in Japan. We call this long-standing staple, inspired by our Tokyo cafes, simply “Blue Bottle Mug.” Because, well, it feels like home.

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Person holding a blue bottle mug full of coffee.

Design Story

A Study in Simplicity

Blue Bottlers in Tokyo call this mug the “Kiyosumi,” after the neighborhood in which we opened our first cafe in Japan. Its clean lines and smooth glaze mirror the minimalism of that space—pale surfaces, gleaming window panes, and subtle curves.

Blue bottle mug icon
Holds 12 fluid ounces (341 ml)
Designed and produced in Japan by Claska
Dishwasher and microwave-safe.
Blue bottle mug sitting on a bedside table.