Blue Bottle Latte Cup and Saucer

We’ve long loved Japanese ceramic company Kinto’s Topo line for its playful asymmetry. So we collaborated with Kinto designer Shin Azumi to create these unique ceramics for our Japan cafes. Soon after, we realized the world needed to see them.

Designed perfectly to uplift the creamy steamed milk of your latte, this 10 ounce cup is paired with an asymmetrical saucer, making it easy to hold with one hand as you sip away. Now you can enjoy your latte in your comfiest chair at home, even stateside.

Ready for Shipment in 1 to 3 business days.

Design Story

The Topo Touch Meets Blue Bottle

Asymmetrical Ease

The off-center saucer was designed to give you extra room to hold the whole ensemble with one hand, making it a true comfort. Plus, the porcelain duo is microwave and dishwasher safe for extra ease.

Simple Tone

The simple color palette of white allows your coffee to take center stage, with a surprise entrance by a blue accent on the saucer when you lift your cup to take a sip.

Better Together

Designer Shin Azumi drew inspiration from Kinto’s past collections to create these asymmetrical ceramics made to fit together in perfect harmony.

latte art closeup
Blue Bottle Latte Cup and Saucer