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Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon

This is the cupping spoon we use for evaluating coffee in the lab, choosing our single origin coffees, and for quality control. Ideal for coffee lovers who want to deepen their specialty coffee experience and expand their palate

We’ve engraved the handle with our Blue Bottle logo and included coffee cupping instructions.

Made by the specialty coffee world’s spoon maker of choice: W. Wright Cutlery and Silverware in Sheffield, England, a family-run business founded over a century ago.
For diving into your specialty coffee journey (and delicious affogatos).

Typically ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Blue Bottle Cupping Spoon on a linen napkin.

Design Story

Your new go-to cupping spoon

This stainless steel cupping spoon is a must-have at Blue Bottle headquarters for evaluating roasts. An absolute pleasure to hold. Has a rounded, deep bowl for easier slurping, and to amplify aromas and flavors of coffee.

Cupping Spoon Icon
6.5 inches long

18/10 stainless steel

Made by:
W. Wright Cutlery and Silverware

Made in:
Sheffield, England
Cupping Spoon along side a cupping setup.